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Why you must check the sims freeplay android ios game

The Sims FreePlay game has now become EA-Land, and with the new changes to the game, there have come a number of alterations to the basic structure of the game, which are drawing in new players by the droves. Free play; custom content; ownable stores; Paypal-enabled exchange of Simoleons for actual money; the list goes on, and the game gets better every week. Below is the Sims™ FreePlay game review:


Free Play

Not much explanation necessary here. The 14-day trial of old has now been extended to permanent free play, with a few limitations. One of the most crucial of Sims FreePlay game is that free players will barely can cash-out more money than a player cashed in; generally, they can’t actually make any money from the game until they are subscribers. The only way to earn money in-game is to team up with a full subscriber and get them to pay you. Your free play account is easily upgradeable to full member, so once you’re earning more cash in-game than the $9.99 a month it costs to subscribe, it’s time to upgrade.

Custom Content

At last! The Sims Online has allowed users to create custom content. Apart from adding variety and interest, this is a great way for players to earn money in the game, and real life. To create custom content you can either modify an existing Sims object, start completely from scratch, or use a photograph or existing image as a basis for your new Sims object. There are plenty of tutorials available to show you how to get started, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do once you’ve had a little practice.


There are a lot of Sims FreePlay Cheats that you can use to make some alterations or improvements on your community. You can do almost anything by entering the game cheat game codes onto your game console. All you require to do is hold down the Ctrl + Shift + C, and you are on your way to get your cheat codes activated.There are a few sites around still offering cheats for the Sims Online, including bots who always work to get you money. Check out the link below for details.

There are so much more that a player can do, once he has mastered the Cheats for this game. Some of the popular cheats include having unlimited rosebud entries, automatic trash cleaning, set specific speed of gameplay, save room, max personality points, import your own.Mp3 to the Sims glitches, Sims radio, and so much more! Being able to comprehend these will surely help you in your quest of having a distinct Sims community.The-Sims-FreePlay-Babies


At last, it seems, Sims FreePlay have now implemented the changes that game players have lately been asking for since the game first hit on the market, pushing it out from its mediocrity right into the big-money realms of online games like Second Life as well as WOW. Considering that Sims 1 and the Sims 2 are the top-selling games in history, recording many players who otherwise wouldn’t even touch a computer, the Sims FreePlay could well be set to herald in a new era of online gaming. Keep watching.